Attendance Policy

  • At least 80% attendance is required to get the LUMS certification
  • Attendance to be marked within 10 minutes of class commencement
  • Participants coming late or leaving early from the class will be marked absent

SmartCard Policy

  • Rs. 2000 will be charged in case of damage to or loss of card
  • Rs. 5000 will be charged in case of name change or reprint of certificate
  • Participants are required to return the SmartCard in the last class
  • Failing to return the SmartCard can result in the certificate not being issued and the participant being barred entry into LUMS
  • In case of lost or stolen card participant should immediately contact our team with their details at: lifetime.Learning@lums.edu.pk

Behaviour Policy

  • LUMS ensures an enabling environment for learning and takes strict action against Violation of Code of Conduct (Refer to CoC Section)

Refund Policy

  • Initial Payment of Rs. 2000 is non-refundable
  • A refund is applicable if participant withdraws 7 days before the first class with a valid reason
  • 100 % Course fee is refundable if a course is cancelled by LLL
  • Course fee is non-refundable in case of disciplinary issue or cancellation of course
  • Participants are required to undertake due diligence regarding the course selection. Once registered, participants cannot switch course after the start of classes
  • All refunds and switching of courses is subject to the approval of Lifetime Learning @LUMS management. The University reserves the right to make the final decision on refunds and course swaps
  • Manual Payments are meant to facilitate late enrolments. These however, are not refundable unless the course has been cancelled by the management (Including Course Swap). 

Accommodation Policy

  • Residents to submit Police Clearance Certificate, scanned CNIC copy and a clear picture with white background
  • Accommodation rent is Rs. 1000/- per night
  • Rs. 5000 refundable security fee will be charged at the time of check-in
  • Residents are responsible for maintenance and cleaning of the apartment
  • Residents will be fined in case of damage to property/amenities
  • Residents will be charged if electricity bill exceeds Rs. 7000
  • The residents are required to inform their flat-mates and the LUMS security office before inviting any guests
  • No guests are allowed after 8:30 PM or overnight. Strict disciplinary action will be taken in case of violation
  • Accommodation to be provided on first-come first-served basis

Library Policy

  • LLL participants can be allowed access to Library upon request
  • Participants have read-only access to the books within the Library premises

Campus Policy

  • Vehicles need to be parked in Free Parking only
  • Parking on pathways, roads and crossing is considered a violation of campus policies
  • Repeated wrong parking will result in fines and/or being barred entry into LUMS
  • Misuse of SmartCard on and off campus will be breach of LUMS policy and can result in strict disciplinary action, proceeding to participant being barred entry into LUMS
  • Participants will be charged in case of damage to any LUMS property
  • Participants should remain in the class during class timings
  • Marking proxy attendance is strictly prohibited and is considered a violation of LUMS policies
  • Participants are allowed on campus an hour before and after class