Attendance Policy

  • At least 80% attendance and project submission/exam/quiz as set by the instructor is required to get the LUMS certification.
  • Attendance to be marked within 10 minutes of class commencement
  • Participants coming late or leaving early from the class will be marked absent

SmartCard Policy

  • Rs. 3000 will be charged in case of damage to or loss of card
  • Rs. 5000 will be charged in case of name change or reprint of certificate
  • Participants are required to return the SmartCard in the last class
  • Failing to return the SmartCard can result in the certificate not being issued and the participant being barred entry into LUMS
  • In case of lost or stolen card participant should immediately contact our team with their details at: lifetime.Learning@lums.edu.pk

Certification Policy

  • Participants are requested to collect Certificate of Attendance within a month of Graduation. In case the Certificate is lost or damaged, the department will not bear responsibility after the deadline passes
  • Lifetime Learning @ LUMS reserves the right not to award certificate if course criteria is not satisfactorily met

Behaviour Policy

  • LUMS ensures an enabling environment for learning and takes strict action against Violation of Code of Conduct (Refer to CoC Section)

Refund Policy

  • Initial Payment of Rs. 2000 is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • A refund is applicable if participant withdraws 7 days before the first class with a valid reason
  • 100 % Course fee is refundable if a course is cancelled by LLL
  • Course fee is non-refundable in case of disciplinary issue or cancellation of course
  • Participants are required to undertake due diligence regarding the course selection. Once registered, participants cannot switch course after the start of classes
  • All refunds and switching of courses is subject to the approval of Lifetime Learning @LUMS management. The University reserves the right to make the final decision on refunds and course swaps
  • Manual Payments are meant to facilitate late enrolments. These however, are not refundable unless the course has been cancelled by the management (Including Course Swap). 
  • In case of a course freeze, participant will be required to pay an initial amount of Rs 2,000 at the time of registration for the next session. Also, participant will be needed to pay 25 percent amount of the course fee he/she plans to enrol in. This option is for the successive session only. Course freeze is allowed only in case of severe emergencies and will be subject to approval after a supporting proof is presented.

Accommodation Policy

  • Residents to submit Police Clearance Certificate, scanned CNIC copy and a clear picture with white background
  • Accommodation rent is Rs. 1000/- per night
  • Rs. 5000 refundable security fee will be charged at the time of check-in
  • Residents are responsible for maintenance and cleaning of the apartment
  • Residents will be fined in case of damage to property/amenities
  • Residents will be charged if electricity bill exceeds Rs. 7000
  • The residents are required to inform their flat-mates and the LUMS security office before inviting any guests
  • No guests are allowed after 8:30 PM or overnight. Strict disciplinary action will be taken in case of violation
  • Accommodation to be provided on first-come first-served basis

Library Policy

  • LLL participants can be allowed access to Library upon request
  • Participants have read-only access to the books within the Library premises

Campus Policy

  • Vehicles need to be parked in Free Parking only
  • Parking on pathways, roads and crossing is considered a violation of campus policies
  • Repeated wrong parking will result in fines and/or being barred entry into LUMS
  • Misuse of SmartCard on and off campus, or facilitating unauthorized access to outsiders to enter the campus will be a breach of LUMS policy and can result in strict disciplinary action, proceeding to participant being barred entry into LUMS
  • Participants will be charged in case of damage to any LUMS property
  • Participants should remain in the class during class timings
  • Marking proxy attendance is strictly prohibited and is considered a violation of LUMS policies
  • Participants are allowed on campus an hour before and after class