Lifetime Learning @LUMS Conducts Organic Gardening Workshop

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 5am

In an effort to promote sustainability and an eco-friendly mind-set, the creative Lifetime Learning @LUMS Programme organised a 3-day Organic Gardening Workshop by Zahra Zaidi.

Apart from the lectures delivered to the participants in the auditoriums, the immersive workshop mostly comprised of experiential activities conducted at the gardens of LUMS. The participants were educated about the types of plants, seeds and vegetables, influence of sunlight, soil texture, nutrition, water and other factors that may influence the growth of plants. The participants also gained hands-on experience about the technicalities required to make a vegetable bed (both with and without digging). Furthermore, the attendees were also familiarised with fertilizers and their usage.

The last day of the workshop was conducted at Ms. Zaidi’s residence. The participants were highly inspired by the colourful indoor and outdoor plantation. After witnessing the innovative gardening techniques at the instructor’s garden, the participants were fascinated and expressed their desire to decorate their own spaces with refreshing plants, as well as start their own gardening-related ventures and initiatives.

Ms. Zaidi, owner of ZZ Gardens, is an expert in the field of organic gardening and sustainable-living. She is a sustainability enthusiast and a self-taught gardener who experiments with horticulture. She is a Computer Science graduate from LUMS and a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship on which she pursued her MBA from the USA.