Goal Setting & Planning

After a two-year journey of self-discovery, we would continue helping our participants steer their life confidently and independently as we would urge you to

• Stop setting goals for the wrong reason
• Choose a goal to create a journey

Instead of setting life goals, think about setting a life direction. Figure out the things that would create a fun, meaningful and compelling journey. Your life is too precious to settle for less than extraordinary, so know your vision, know your goals and no more wandering around like Alice in the Wonderland!

Without Written Goals, You’re Alice in the Wonderland!

In Lewis Carrol’s classic, Alice wanders around Wonderland aimlessly. When she bumps into Cheshire Cat she asks him for directions. The cat responds:

“That depends on a good deal on where you want to get to.” Alice says, “I don’t much care where.” The cat then comments, “Then it doesn’t matter which way you walk.”

We are in agreement with Cheshire cat! Because the secret of high achievers in life is Effective Goal Setting! If you have no clear vision or goals, you might as well be running around in the forest with a faulty compass. You can wander around never making it anywhere worthwhile unless you happen to run into it by chance.


In this journey of self-discovery your Life Coach, Medeeha Khan, would take you through following milestones while working on self-audits, group activities, video learning, presentations & case studies and a lot more interventions.

 Purpose of Goal Setting

 Mission vs Goals & Objectives

 Self-Assessments

 Goals pyramid the goal setting process

 Four-Task Process

 Maslow’s Need Hierarchy & Goal Setting

 Planning & Prioritising

 Dealing with Obstacles

 Work-Life balance

 Formulating Action Plan

 Foundation for Achieving Goals

A Dream Written Down With A Date Becomes A Goal. A Goal Broken Down Into Steps Becomes A Plan. A Plan Backed By Actions Makes Your Dreams Come True. ~ Greg S. Reid

Note: This course is aimed at individuals ranging from complete beginners to individuals with up to 3 years of job experience in their field.


Medeeha J. Khan has an unparalleled background in the arena of HR competence development and is ranked amongst the most effective and impactful trainers in the country. She has done her Advance HR studies at Cornell University NY, USA and holds professional certifications as Certified HR Professional, Certified Recruitment Analyst, Certified Trainer and Certified Psychometric Test Analyst. She is country’s first Certified Image and Etiquette Coach & Advanced Practitioner, by London Image Institute.

She has served as the Honourary Dean of the Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management in years 2003 & 2004. Recognising the uniqueness in each of her clients, she offers a variety of teaching methods to match client/individual need. Her recent engagements have been with leading organisations including Pepsi, Mobilink, ICI Soda ash, ACF Intl,  AkzoNobel Paints, Moody Intl, Allied Bank Ltd., MCB, Kashf Bank, UNDP, Stoneage®, Descon, Sony, Unilever, Metro, Omantel, Service Industries, Nestle Pakistan, PTCL, Berger Paints, Samsung, Wal-Mart, Waridtel, Telenor, Pakistan, Pepsi, Total Parco, Nishat Mills, MANDiesel, British Council and many other reputable organisations.

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Duration: 4 consecutive weeks starting from 20th March 2019.



  • Upon successful completion of the course with at least 80% attendance in the classes, you will be awarded with a certificate of attendance.

  • If you need a detailed document listing your contribution in lectures, seminars, including contact hours and the grades you were awarded on each assignment, please contact: lifetime.learning@lums.edu.pk.


  • All participants will be issued their smartcards in the first class. 

  • During your course, please bring along your smartcard and CNIC to ensure entry into LUMS campus

  • Students are only allowed to be on campus one hour before and after the class. Failure to abide by these timings will result in the security team calling you.

  • The smart cards are non-transferrable. Giving your smartcard to anyone else for use (friends, family etc.) will be charged as misuse of identification.

  • In case of damage or loss of the smart card, the participant will be required to submit a fine of PKR 1000.

  • It is obligatory for all participants to return their smartcards in their last class in order to get their certificates at the Graduation Ceremony.

Lifetime Learning @LUMS is excited to announce that we are now offering accommodation for our Session 4 Participants in Askari 11 (Near Bedian Road), Lahore. Details of the accommodation are below;

- Every apartment comprises of 2 bedrooms, 2 attached washrooms, 1 study room, 1 kitchen and a lounge
- Each room will be shared by 2 participants
- Charges per person are PKR 1000 per night
- All apartments are fully furnished
- Participants above the age of 18 years (i.e. CNIC holders) are eligible to apply for accommodation
- LUMS will be providing free transportation to LUMS for the residents

please email us at lifetime.learning@lums.edu.pk for all your accommodation related queries.


PKR: 23,500


  • 10% Early bird discount

  • 20% off to the LUMS community i.e. LUMS students, alumni (including LLL alumni), staff, and faculty

  • 20% off to the LUMS community members’ family i.e. spouses and children

  • The following Group Discounts are offered:

  • -2 participants get 10% off each,

  • -3 participants get 15% off each, and

  • -If more than 3 participants apply, they get 20% off each.

Note: Please note that compound discounts are not applicable, and if you are eligible for two discounts then only the greater discount offering will apply.

We have limited seats, so hurry up & book your slot by making a partial payment of PKR 2000 only!


  • Fees can be paid online via credit/debit card OR via payment vouchers at any Allied Bank branch.

  • Please keep a copy of the payment receipt with you.

  • All fees have to be paid before the payment deadline.

  • A participant's enrollment is not confirmed until the complete payment has been made.

Lifetime Learning @LUMS Refund Policy

Withdrawal from the Programme:

  • If a participant finds it necessary to withdraw from the programme before the commencement of classes, he/she must inform the Lifetime Learning @LUMS Management (lifetime.learning@lums.edu.pk) in writing, seven (7) working days before the commencement of the session.

  • In case a participant wishes to withdraw from the Programme after the commencement of classes, he/she may appeal to the Lifetime Learning @LUMS Management seven (7) working days before the commencement of the session by providing a genuine reason (such as sickness, family emergency etc.) with evidence.

Admission Cancellation:

  • For the applicants who do not make a complete payment or withdraw from the course due to any reason, the registration fee of PKR. 2000 will not be refunded.

  • If a course is cancelled by the management, the participants can demand a complete refund (including the registration payment).

Separation / Suspension:

  • If a participant is suspended from the Programme due to disciplinary reasons, the dues deposited by him/her for the course semester will not be refunded.

  • The University reserves the right to change its policies and fee structure at any time.

  •  The amount will be refunded within two weeks on receipt of refund application along with all required documents.

  • In case of any query regarding the fee, courses or any other issues including refunds or accommodation, please email us at lifetime.learning@lums.edu.pk or accountsreceivable@lums.edu.pk.

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  • Read up about the course in advance, so that you are aware of what is happening in the classes from day one.

  • Attend all the lectures and group activities for this course.

  • Submit all assignments and projects given to you on time.             


To be eligible for a course at the Lifetime Learning at LUMS you must meet following criteria:

  • A good grasp of basic English language as most of the Lifetime Learning courses will be taught in English.

  • Minimum age requirement of 15+ years.

LUMS treats all students alike regardless of their disabilities. We try to assist all students with disabilities as much as possible and encourage them to come and grow with us. People with disabilities are requested to let us know of any special needs well in advance, so that there are no problems on the day they join the course.

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