Graphic Designing

Lesson 1
Introduction to Graphic Design

• History of Graphic Design
• Evolution of Graphic Design
• Scope of Graphic Design
• Famous Designers around the globe

Lesson 2
Introduction to Design, Creative Thinking & Colour

• Understanding Colour
• Colour Wheel
• Types of Colour
• Warm & Cool Colour
• 5 Colour Psychology
• Introduction to Design elements
• Introduction to design principles
• Differences between vector-based graphics and pixel-based graphics
• Photoshop walk through

Lesson 3
Working with Adobe Photoshop

• Introduction to Photoshop CS6
• Image Size and Resolution
• Creating a New Document
• Opening and Closing a Document
• Creating a Workspace
• Understanding Tool Bar
• Cropping images
• Working with Canvas Size10
• Transforming Objects
• Copy Paste
• Image Modes

Lesson 4
Introduction to Typography

• Introduction to Typographic Terms
• Text Tools In Photoshop
• Stroking text in Photoshop
• How to outline text
• Font Selection
• Creating a Font Logo
Lesson 5
Working with Photoshop Layers

• Layer Blending options
• How to make a new layer
• Add Layer Mask
• How to make Groups
• Layer Modes

Lesson 6
Working with Text in Photoshop

• Layer Blending options on text
• Text Layer Masking in Photoshop
• Text Wrap options, Circular, Shape and with image
• Understanding text arrangement in paragraph
• Basic Layout Understanding
• Book Cover Assignment

Lesson 7
Working with Adobe Photoshop (Exploring Tool Bar)

• Selection Tool
• Brush Tool
• Paint Bucket Tool
• Burn Tool
• Pen Tool
• Shape Tool
• Crop Tool
• Gradient Tool
• (Assignment for the Students prior to the understanding of lecture)

Lesson 8
Image Editing in Photoshop

• Black and white treatment of image
• Hue/Saturation
• Image halftone
• Adding Filters to image
• Adding Colours to Image
• Adding posturised effects to images

Lesson 9
What is Advertising

• Types of Advertising
• What is Poster Design
• Copywriting in Advertising
• Adaptation of Advertising Collaterals
• Create a Poster design (Product) and its adaptation
• Creating Website/Facebook Posts/Web Ads

Lesson 10
Working with 3d Effects in Photoshop

• Creating Slice portrait in Photoshop
• 3d effect on Photoshop
• Image Manipulation
• Creating Mockups
• Creating Giffs
Lesson 11
Working with Adobe Illustrator (Vector Based Software)

• Illustrator Workspace Environment and understanding as vector based software
• Creating Documents
• Creating Art board
• File Formats
• Opening and Saving File
• Understanding Tool Bar
• Modifying Fill and Stroke Attributes
• Pathfinder

Lesson 12
Working with Adobe Illustrator (Drawing Tool & Fill Option)

• Magic wand tool and Lasso tool
• Understanding of pen tool
• Drawing through pen tool
• Creating Path Through Pen tool
• Clipping Mask
• Shape Builder tool
Lesson 13
Working with Adobe Illustrator (Creating Text Effects)

• Text tools in Illustrator
• Stroking text
• Outlining text
• Text in round shape
• Creating 3d Effects to Illustrator
• Text Wrap
• Creating a Newspaper Ad with Text wrap
• Text in Perspective

Lesson 14
Illustration Design

• Creating illustrations in Illustrator
• Vector Art Using Pen Tool

Lesson 15
Working with 3D Shapes illustrator

Lesson 16
• Designing a Packaging Design with help of Photoshop & Illustrator

Lesson 17
Designing Corporate Identity
• Logo
• Visiting Card
• Letter Head
• Envelopes

Lesson 18
Publication Design

• Book/Catalogue Design in Illustrator


Designers will obtain an understanding of colour theory, an extensive introduction to Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, and the skills needed to designs posts and posters. In addition to this, they will also gain insight into how to advertise a brand.

Note: This course is aimed at individuals ranging from complete beginners to individuals with up to 3 years of job experience in their field.


Salman Ahmed is an artist who enjoys creating all forms of expressions no matter what the medium. Excels in visualising concepts as well as coming up with insightful concepts for visual exploration. Other than manual design, Salman has a firm grasp on digital design tools that help accentuate his renditions. He takes a keen interest in playing around with various typographies and layouts, mixing vision and substance to create original forms.
Mr Ahmed is currently working as an Art Director for a brand with a 97%+ Top of Mind Awareness, he creates and directs the designs with a team of professionals and takes pride in training as well as exploring and perfecting their individual design potentials.
Illustrations, layouts, typography, brand keys, logo designing, calligraphy and image manipulation are a few of the things he utilises in his everyday work flow to achieve perfection in his design tasks.



Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Time: 7pm-9pm

Duration: Six consecutive weeks starting from March 20, 2019.

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  • Submit all assignments and projects given to you on time.             


To be eligible for a course at the Lifetime Learning at LUMS you must meet following criteria:

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