Photography 101

 Week  - 1

Day  1 -2 -3
Intro Theory (Off The Auto – Exposure - Camera Settings – Composition and Equipment)
Exporting and uploading - Develop module – Library Module – Overview And Importing


Week – 2
Day  4 - 5 – 6
Theory  and Practical
Portraits - Landscapes - B&W - Close-ups And Macro
Outdoors-Studio-Lightings-ISO control-Aperture Detail - Frame Composition with subjects – How to deal with your subject. White Balance control

Week – 3
Day 7 -8 – 9
Theoretical Study (Requires students to have workstation access)
Use of CS6 and Lightroom
Advanced learning in LR, Creative Editing, Photoshop Essentials, Collection and Publishing

Week – 4
Day 10 – 11 – 12
Students will be asked to use the provided vicinity and their equipment to create images from what they have learnt from the first three weeks, and provide in a folder on the 12th day of the 4th week.

(Week - 4 will include site and studio visits and a group discussion, and talks with some known photographers of the industry will be held on visits)

Week - 5
Day 13 – 14 - 15
Portfolios and Presentations. Thought process and Ideas behind the Images students have created.
Framing / Printing Paper Quality / Size / Quality Control of the Portfolio and Image Genre.
Image Reviews – Test Prints – Exhibition Preparations and Final Exhibition

Week – 6
Day 16 – 17 – 18
Day 16 and 18 - A combination of the course taught will be revised in the last week (Day 16 and 18) Both practical and theoretically. Each student will be dealt with in person by the instructor.
Day 18 – Exhibition Jury Day. A panel of photographers will judge the final project.

Note: This course is aimed at individuals ranging from complete beginners to individuals with up to 3 years of job experience in their field.

Instructor's Profile 

Name: Khan Belal

Belal Khan attended multimedia course at Blake College in London in the year 2007 with specialisation in photography course and further went deep into lifestyle, fashion & glamour photography exploring different types of lighting techniques.

After a couple of years working as a photographer in London, he returned to Pakistan in 2010 where he was quickly recognised by different news agencies for media coverage and a lot of NGO missions. He kept his passion for fashion photography growing while working with agencies. Belal Khan rose to instant fame after doing photography for Imran Khan’s (Prime Minister of Pakistan) wedding.

Since then most of his ventures include working with celebrities from fashion and showbiz industry. With so many celebrity endorsements and other shoots reaching out to different countries, Mr Khan was soon asked to start shooting in different parts of the world including Nepal, Dubai, Scotland, Wales, and USA.
Most of his work has been displayed at a few selective galleries in Islamabad. One of the most important part of his work is to keep it fun so people enjoy every bit of the work he produces.


Days:  Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays

Time:  Wednesday, Fridays: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm | Saturday : 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Duration: Six consecutive weeks starting from March 20th, 2019.


  • Upon successful completion of the course with at least 80% attendance in the classes, you will be awarded with a certificate of attendance.

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