Become Camera Savvy

This course is for all the camera-lovers, who never got the chance to learn the skills involved in taking good photographs. It showcases how far photography has come by providing a well-rounded review of the fundamentals of photography, including the software, programming, gear, equipment, and hands-on applications. You’ll learn about the various kinds of digital cameras available for use now, from the much sought-after DSLR’s to everyday tablets and smart phones. The course will begin by teaching you about the different photographic options available on these devices. From there we’ll move on to first selecting the most suitable equipment for you, and then participating in practical exercises to figure out which aspects of photography appeal to you the most.

Contemporary digital photography heavily involves digital editing, so this course will teach you digital editing on a number of different software packages. Learning about digital editing will also help you experiment with taking shots and choosing your personal style.

Taking more photos means needing more avenues and space to store them. This course will inform you about all the digital storage options available to you, including on the computer, on the camera, on online platforms and in cloud storage. How to print and upload images (on online platforms) according to high-quality size and display requirements will also be an important lecture. You will learn how to archive and maintain your portfolio, and be introduced to the concept of digital imaging in businesses and industries. It’s not possible to discuss modern-day photography, and not pay attention to the role it plays in social media technology. In light of this, this course will teach you about image-sharing on the Internet, such as the basics of posting photographs online and what to pay attention to when uploading something. If you’re even the slightest bit inclined towards the world of photography, then this course is the perfect opportunity for you to learn a new skill and explore your passion. Taking pictures will only get better from here on!

Lecture 1.1 - Introduction to Photography?

This week we’ll discuss the opportunities and possibilities of the digital age, focusing on how to make the best of our vast options. You’ll be introduced to the concept of digital photography, the resources at your disposal, and what equipment you need to get started. Learn about the characteristics and features of digital photography in depth.

Lecture 1.2 - Cameras

If you’ve ever looked at a fancy digital camera and wondered what all the buttons are for, then this is the lecture for you! This lecture will teach you about the features of a digital camera, how to utilize the ins and outs of the device, and the different kinds of equipment you can experiment with to improve your experience.

Lecture 2.1 - Storing Photographs

One of the most predominant complaints of modern-day technology users is the issue of digital storage. This lecture will address this facet of photography, and teach you how to optimize storage space on your computer, camera, and cloud, and choose the most efficient backup option for your work.

Lecture 3.1 – Other ways to take good pictures

Phones and tablets will be the centre of attention this week, when you learn how to deviate from conventional cameras and explore photography on these devices. You'll discover how to take advantage of these devices, and use them for composing shots, editing them, and posting them online.

Lecture 3.2 - The Darkroom

The capacity to alter your computerized pictures is a standout amongst the most convincing elements of advanced photography. In today's lecture, we'll take a gander at a few of the product programs accessible to you and a portion of the many elements you'll discover in advanced altering programs..

Lecture 4.1 - Photography Online

Utilizing advanced pictures on the web and on your PC are huge parts of computerized photography. In this lecture, you'll find ways you can without much of a stretch utilize advanced pictures with email and on sites. We'll likewise examine measuring pictures for use on the Internet so they show rapidly. You'll adore figuring out that it is so easy to utilize your pictures as foundations and PC backdrop. With advanced photography, you can alter nearly anything!

Lecture 4.2 - Printing

Printing computerized pictures can take many structures, and in this lecture, we'll investigate the choices for printing at home and the broad system of retail printers accessible for advanced work. You'll likewise figure out how to set up your pictures for the best quality prints, paying little mind to where you print them. On the off chance that documented quality is vital to you, or in case you're scrapbooking, there are a few things you'll need to know!

Lecture 5.1 - Traveling

Travel photography is dependably a most loved subject for picture takers, regardless of whether you're shooting in your own patio or around the globe. Computerized photography displays some extraordinary difficulties and openings, so in this lecture, we'll take a look at how experts in the field handle the difficulties, and also procedures and openings you can utilize when you travel, incorporating document association with Adobe's Light room.

Lecture 5.2 - Composing Digitally

In our last lecture together, we'll take a look at how to form your photos in light of computerized alternatives. There's significantly more to being a computerized picture taker than simply owning an advanced camera, and today you'll see some awesome cases of troublesome circumstances that you can cure with computerized arrangements. The more you find out about your choices, the more you'll need to explore!

Beginning Date: April 20th, 2017

Thursdays 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Saturdays 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

(Duration: 4 weeks)

Note: Date/Time is subject to change, All the registrants will be notified if & when date/time is changed.


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PKR 25,000.00

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