Lifetime Learning Team

Our team at the Lifetime Learning at LUMS Office is always available to help prospective students with their queries.

Khizar Tahseen
Assistant Manager
Khizar Tahseen is a Marketing, communications and PR professional with extensive experience in the field. He is an alumni of University of Hertfordshire with a degree in Mass Communication, and is currently handling the operations and marketing of the Lifetime Learning @LUMS department. Besides having a love for reading both fiction and non-fiction, he is an avid enthusiast of all things related to art and music and also plays guitar.
Jawad Ahmad Riaz
Digital Marketing Analyst
Jawad Ahmad Riaz is a Digital Marketing Analyst at Lifetime Learning @LUMS for over two years. He has been with LLL since its inception. He graduated from Staffordshire University, UK with a BSC Hons in Computer Science. He has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing in multiple industries. His previous professional experience in CureMD and consultation for international organizations make him an expert at what he does. Jawad manages the marketing of all the LLL courses on all the digital platforms and website. He has also been instrumental in introducing some popular IT based courses at LLL. Jawad is a blogger and owns multiple websites of his own. He discovered his love for digital marketing back in the year 2008 when he launched his first website. He has been an RJ at FM 103 for a while.
Shoaib Aftab
Senior Officer
Shoaib Aftab has been associated with LLL since November 2018. He has an MSc Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick, England and graduated with a Merit. He has experience of working with leading multinationals in various management roles. Currently, at LLL, his primary responsibilities are Quality Control, Research and Operations management.
Ayesha Khalid
Senior Officer Communications
A communications and media person, Ayesha Khalid has extensive experience in broadcast media and print journalism, Ms Khalid has developed and managed editorial voice for various platforms including a leading English news station and English Daily. She has presided over the production roles single-handedly while training her subordinates in the newsroom. Add to that her teaching experience at Lahore School of Economics (LSE) Media Studies Department makes her portfolio diverse and best fit for any leadership role that commands communication. With a flair for copy editing and creative, and strong interpersonal skills, she is adept in people, process and project management. At LLL she is doing just that, working on product development through brand collateral.
Aasia Sarwar
Aasia is a pioneer member of team Lifetime learning @ LUMS. She became a part of it in 2017 as this department started off. She attained her master's degree in Human resource Management from the University of the Punjab (IAS). Since the very beginning she is not only managing all operational and logestical tasks efficiently but also she has played a vital role in faculty hiring, coordinating with internal and external vendors and managing department Budget. Moreover she is an asset of the department for leading and managing all the events successfully.
Danial Hayat Khan
Media Content Producer
Part-time Filmmaker / Photographer, Part-time Marketer - Major in Film studies from BNU. Danial Hayat Khan is currently working as a Media Content Producer at LLL. Previously worked as Assistant Director for Janaan film and many other mainstream TV commercials, Danial comes from a diverse background in the media industry. His previous professional experiences include working as Community Outreach Manager at National History Museum and Marketing Manager for a leading menswear brand Rici Melion. His experience makes him a perfect fit for his job at LLL.
Kanwal Naeem
Kanwal Naeem is the creative mind behind all the catchy designs for all the LLL social media campaigns. Wired differently, her design skills make her stand out as a digital craftsperson. She has done her degree in Computer Science, and is currently the Graphic Designer and Digital Media expert at Lifetime Learning @LUMS. Before LLL, she worked with a gaming studio. When not in her creative zone, Ms Naeem works with an NGO to help educate the underprivileged. She has an artistic inclination since school years, and finds peace in arts and crafts. Her hobbies include recycling, wall painting and photography.
Muhammad Afaq Aliyan
As a core member of the Lifetime Learning @LUMS Team, Afaq Aliyan is the Client Relations and Operations Officer. His tasks include internal and external communications to all LLL participants, as well as the database management, scheduling of classes and leading the flagship events of the department. Before LLL, he worked with Summer School @LUMS and owned a startup, Sammar Sheerien. Afaq Aliyan pursued his MBA before joining this department.